Friday, February 5, 2010

Calling For More Snow!!

As a matter of fact, its snowing right now! The girls are so excited. We usually school through this kind of weather in the winter but I'm not feeling my best so both girls still have friends over. They are running in and out of the house right now laughing in the snow and it's midnight. Not the typical scene I'm sure but a memorable one for sure.

I had a doctor's appointment today and had some blood work done, it'll be nice to find out exactly what is going on with me. That is my prayer, that this problem reveal itself so the doctor's will know how to treat me. I want to feel better.

I'm resting this evening in His peace and His presence, reminding myself that all things have a purpose and praying that I hear what my Father is speaking to me now.

Snow days! Laugh out Loud! Public schools haven't had one day of school this week. Make up days will run well into June. I hope the girls will build a snow man if we get enough snow. I'll be sure to post pictures if they do.

God Bless!

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