Thursday, February 18, 2010


Public schools have missed 20 days of school due to the snow so far and they are still forecasting more in the upcoming weeks. I am just amazed at how many years we've gone with no snow and all of a sudden, this year, we've been bombarded with snow.

We are doing the basics.

Language Arts



I'm just glad to be moving along.

I've noticed with Meadow that since we've been doing so little scheduled school she has started asking questions. I am really enjoying it. One night we orally covered spelling, rules, different words, nouns, adjectives and verbs for over an hour. She has written a letter and addressed her envelope. I'm proud of these little things.

She is also asking questions like where electricity comes from and how it works. I'm going to order a Bill Nye the science guy video for that one. :)

I just like that I can see her learning.

Sky is doing well. Things aren't moving as quickly as I would like for them to but I'm thankful they are moving.

Sky is starting a Jr. Volunteer program at the hospital. It's sort of a scaled down Candy Striper program. She'll be assisting the Activities Coordinator. I'm hoping that as summer draws closer that it will develop more into the duties of a Candy Striper. I'd like to see her responsibilities increase at the hospital over time.

All is well here at Kingdom Academy.

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Kathy said...

I am so happy to have found you through Hearts 24/7 Bog! I am also thrilled that you are homeschooling. How awesome is that! I too love homeschooling-it's a passion I have, and probably my favorite thing to do. It's funny because your comment on snow days gave me a bit of peace in that when we went to Georgia to see Danny's Dad, my honey left our bag of school books in our garage here at home. So, for 2 weeks, no " official" school. HOWEVER...they did a lot of waiting patiently, considering others before themselves, being on their best behavior, etc. So I guess you could say we did 2 solid weeks of character training. Blessings, and I'll look forward to reading what's happening in your world. Kathy at A Field Lily, or, Field Notes on Homeschooling.