Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving is Over

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. How was yours? Ours was two whole days! One with my inlaws and one with my family. We also did a bit of black friday shopping. What fun!

Judy was a gem and helped me with the blog. I had no clue all of my images here were in my photobucket account! I had completely forgotten opening the account a year ago. And...since I had forgotten about it, I had not signed into it and that is what had happened here. Now everything is up and running.

We took last week off and will most likely take next week off also. We are expecting carpet installation on Monday and right now my home is upside down. Until I can set up my living room I can't reorganize our classroom, much less get to books to finish up school. After we get the house clean and everything put in it's place next week we plan to school two weeks in December and then take another two weeks off.

How are you guys doing? Schooling along, breaking for the holidays?

I can't wait for Christmas! We will be decorating next week after getting the carpet put in and furniture moved! Savannah also has a birthday coming up December 9th so that Friday we are having a sleep over. She will be 14! Growing up much too fast.

I'll check back in as we get back on track.

Happy Schooling!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've contacted Judy at Doodle Bug Designs about my header and blog design. Hopefully she'll be back in touch with me soon. Bear with me until then. Thanks!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Surprise for Me!!

Today I printed our schedule for Week 30 in MFW Explorations to 1850's and we finished our Monday history. We are just about to finish Bound For Oregon, only 3 more chapters.

I took my Teacher's Manual to see our work load for the upcoming weeks so that I could plan how much time we would take off for the Holidays. Much to my amazement I discovered that we don't have 6 more weeks of history! We have a couple of weeks to work on our state reports and we are done!

Yep, you heard me right, done!

I am SOOO excited!

We will finish week 30 this week, take next week off of history all together, although we will still be doing our other subjects especially science, math and language arts.

I do so want to stay on top of things.

Some of you may think I'm a mad woman for being so excited over this but allow me a moment to share with you how the Lord has brought us to such success.

Over the years the biggest thing I've struggled with is consistency each day. It just seemed like there was always something coming up and we didn't get around to school like we should. The past couple of years I've really sought the Lord to help me with my sleeping habits and my scheduling abilities. I've never been a scheduler, I've just sort of always winged it and that was a lot of my problem.

The Lord has worked with me, gently calling me in the mornings to wake up and wooing me to sleep earlier in the night. I love my new schedule.

The Lord has also used My Father's World to help me with learning how to schedule our schooling. Having a schedule has made so much difference, and this is something that I never would have believed had I not experienced it myself! I was so against schedules and finally I've learned they do have their value.

I feel like right now the Lord is redeeming time we'd lost in our homeschool. I already have our next year of My Father's World 1850's-Modern so we will be beginning before Christmas! I'm quite sure as we continue to follow the Lord in this thing that we are going to finish this program before our 2010-2011 school year.

As I've shared before the girls will be separated next year with Sky going into MFW High School and Meadow going into MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures.

So after Thanksgiving we will be working on our state reports and after we finish those we will begin our new year of MFW!

Praise God!

Father, I thank-You for opening my eyes and bringing me to repentance, for forgiving me and restoring what I'd so carelessly lost. I pray you continue to keep Your hand upon Kingdom Academy and that we keep our eyes and ears open to hear as you lead. Amen


Friday, November 13, 2009

MFW Update Weeks 29

I had so much running to do this week. I had appointments three days this week. It's also been rainy and dreary and blech. Aside from that I've had a a great week. We did manage to finish all of our weekly school work except for a little bit of reading in History. I plan to catch that up before Monday and we will be right on track moving forward to week 30.

Moving right along.........................

Friday, November 6, 2009

MFW Update Weeks 28

I had to force the week to get everything completed. I've been running to the doctor with my older daughter a lot so we didn't get to have our typical school days. One of the glorious benefits of homeschooling is that just because you don't get to school in the day you always have the evenings. Since I've created schedules for Sky she is able to do her work each day regardless if I'm there to tell her what to do or not and this has made for a more productive school year for her as well. We are finishing up week 28 today and will be moving into week 29 next week. I'm hoping to slow down a little next week so we can hop back to those double weeks. I'd love to finish this history by Christmas!

We are studying the history of the hymn Amazing Grace. I've found some fabulous things online. I also plan to rent the move Amazing Grace so the girls get a more vivid picture of John Newton's life. I love this hymn. Learning about how and when it was written touched me all the more and reminds me of what a wretched sinner I am. I'm so thankful for the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed weekend!