Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st

This year is flying by. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Guess what?

Yes, you guessed correctly! They are calling for more snow this week! The Farmer's Almanac says we'll be getting 31 more inches during the month of March! I'm just waiting to see if it's true. Somehow, I believe it is. We've had two our our biggest snows during the month of March.

I'm finally feeling better. I've been walking the dogs this week and trying to get out of the house.

I didn't realize it but I was a little stressed about curriculum. Why did I ever doubt the Lord? He called me to use My Father' World several years back and it has been the BIGGEST blessing WHEN I am using it. I am going to share a quote written by one of my friends on a homeschool board. It describes the changes that take place in our lives when we are using My Father's World.

"The thing with Exploring Countries and Cultures (and all MFW years) is that Bible *really happens* and therefore kids/families really get into their faith. It's very exciting! It also is different because it doesn't do a lot of jumping around and surface learning in Bible. Kids almost always know exactly where in the Bible they are reading and exactly how that connects to the rest of human history. The Biblical portion is very solid and not fluffy.

But what *doesn't* happen is the rest of the education being left out. In fact, I'd say the same thing about the rest of MFW -- the learning "really happens" and you don't get sidetracked into leaving out modern history or skipping creation or anything in between. It includes things like classical composers and the arts. It not only creates a framework of understanding for the kids, but it creates a solid teacher!"

My two favorite things that are said in the above quotes are these:

1. "Bible *really happens*"


2. " creates a solid teacher!"

Some people school fine without My Father's World but these two points alone are what *I* love the most about MFW. I need the instruction on how to teach. MFW takes all the leg work out of scheduling Marie has truly created lifestyle with this curriculum and for us, it makes all the difference! It really does help us get *into* our faith. Praise God!

This year I was concerned about cost. We usually take our tax check and purchase school for the upcoming year but this year we paid off a lot of acquired debt and we didn't have enough left over to purchase everything needed. I've been hunting since last October for two years of MFW used. I finally found ECC (Exploring Countries and Cultures) used, it saved me $150. I also found Sky's math, Saxon 8/7 with the Teacher cds for $45, which is a savings of about $85. That was such a blessing!

Then my mother in law offered to help me make the rest of my purchases. I was able to purchase the first year of My Father's World Highschool-Ancient History and Literature new from My Father's World. I love that we were able to do this because I love supporting My Father's World directly.

I am waiting for Teaching Textbooks to publish their newly made year of 3rd grade. It is suppose to come out in April.

I only have a few odds and ends to tie up and all my school purchases will be complete for next year.

Today was a good school day. We are getting back on track. Sky starts her volunteering at the hospital tomorrow. Keep her in prayer.

Till next time....