Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glycerin Soap Making

My girlfriend Tammy makes homemade candles and soap. She let Meadow come over with her son and niece to participate in making a soap project to enter into our Fair. Below are the pictures of the children making molds and soap.
Meadow making molds

Again-I love seeing her do this on her own.

Popping out the molds

Coloring the soap

Spooning the soap into more molds.


Meadow, Christopher and Karleigh

Popping more molds.

Molds shaped like stars.

The green is my favorite.

Proud children.

Having fun!

Finished, how beautiful.

Wrapping their soap.

This was the picture entered in the fair. You'll notice Christopher also made a candle and a birdhouse. He won first place for both of those. For the soap Karleigh won first place, Meadow won second place and Christopher won third.
I was very proud of all of them. They worked so hard.
Thanks Tammy!

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Hen Jen said...

that looks like such fun! One of the things I mean to do 'someday' is try soap-making..I even bought a book on it! well, someday...

love the pics!