Sunday, October 4, 2009

The New Lovebird Cage

(Tony the builder-again!)

I love this picture, partly because he's putting on but mostly because it's how he is. Smiling. Happy. Joyful. I appreciate that more than he knows. He always brings me up when I am down.

I'm also excited to have the bird cage. It has made the waiting for the eggs to hatch that much harder. Tuesday will be day 23. I'm hoping we have a few hatch out of the 6 eggs that we have.

Below is the stand for the cage.
Here is Tony putting the cage together.

And here is the cage finished.

I love these branches that the guy threw in for free too. Aren't they natural looking?

Now, to get the playground together. There were lots of pieces, but it went together with ease. Tony and I both were thankful for that!

Finished it's absolutely beautiful.

The playground on top of the cage.

A close up of the playground.
Now if I could only move the birds into their new home! I plan to move mommy and daddy over to the large cage once I start hand feeding the baby birdies. The baby birdies will stay in the brooder box until they are old enough to put in the weaning cage (which will be the cage that the mommy and daddy are in now.) I'll decide later on, after we see how everything goes with the baby birds, who we are keeping and who we are selling. It'd be really nice to have a tame non breeding pair in the big cage.


Shelly said...

Boy, your dh is handy at building those cages for your zoo. ;-) He's a keeper.

Jenileigh said...

Too funny Shelly! ROFLOL! He agrees with your statement and we've agreed, no more pets. Hee hee!

Hen Jen said...

very lucky bird!