Sunday, October 18, 2009

Change of Plans

We ended up not going on our field trip. It was soooo cold here, Tony has been really achy lately and didn't think he could handle the walking so we decided not to go.

Instead, I took Sky to see Whip It. We had a great time both of us together and then she went and spent the night at a friend's house.

Saturday, Tony and I took Meadow to see Cloudy and Calling for Meatballs and Where the Wild Things Are. The first movie was so good, we laughed so hard. I really enjoyed it. The Wild Things was just slow and boring it was close to being pointless. The monsters were beautiful. I love certain parts but Meadow asked to leave the movie half way through. Tony dosed off twice and I had to wake him! It was that bad.

Then we went up on the mountain and visited my mother in law and Meadow spent the night with her aunt. We had a great visit. It was soo cold!

So the weekend was much different than planned we still had a great time and have two more field trips in the planning stages. I hope it warms up so we can go to the zoo and the other one is to visit a replica of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament that Moses and Aaron built. I'm really excited about it! Hopefully that'll happen Friday!

Plans for tomorrow are to begin week 25 in MFW Explorations to 1850's. Moving right along. :)


Shelly said...

It always seems like our weekends or plans never go as we have planned them. It sounds like your weekend went well regardless!

Hen Jen said...

I've been reading some reviews that think the movie Where the wild things are was not done for children. I'm disappointed, the book was written for preschool age, it seems wrong that the movie is for adults, really. It looks beautiful, I want to see it, but I'm thinking I won't take my youngest.

Jenileigh said...

I agree Jen, I really enjoyed the monsters and scenery but it wasn't for children and it is a shame as the book was for preschoolers and I feel that it should have been done for them!

Shelly-I know, it does often happen that way. The only thing that bothers me is that I absolutely hate planning a field trip and not going. I feel like such a slacker or something! :)

Caleb said...

hey jen, what is whip it, and sorry yall couldn't go on the field trip.