Sunday, October 25, 2009

MFW Update Week 25

We finished week 25 last week but didn't get to move onto week 26 as I had hoped. That is perfectly fine, these next few weeks are jam packed with history reading, state reports and presidents!

We had a great homeschool week. We finished our missionary book about William Carey. Once again I learned so much. I think it is so awesome to see (well read about) people with patience and trust in the Lord. William had to deal with many unpleasant situations and people. As I was reading there were several times that I found myself fed up and thinking, "I would have done this".....or "I would have said that"....but as I kept reading I was shown a whole new way of handling things.

I stopped and thought to myself, at the age of 38 is that possible? It would seem that being a Christian myself and living the life we live that this kind of behavior would be typical in our environment and every day life. Sadly, it isn't.

I was once again reminded of how far I have to go, and that I am not setting the best example for my children.

Lord, forgive me. Show me, mold me. Let me MORE like YOU!

This is one of my favorite things about My Father's World. It deepens my relationship with Christ, it convicts me and brings me to repentance. A place I never want to find myself short of.

We did go on our field trip to see the Tabernacle. I'm going to link it below so that you can see it for yourself and later this week when I have more time I will load and post our pictures. I had such a great time. It was a huge blessing and opportunity for our family to have the honor of being able to go and visit something of this magnitude. It brought the plan of Redemption to life. It really focused on repentance and the need for the covering of Jesus' blood to wash away that sin.

The Traveling Tabernacle

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Got your comments and Thank You for your site!! You have put it together so wonderful. I know I'll come here often for resoures. We have had so many doctors appointments that it's not even funny and now my car is has decided to break down..but were moving along.I love ya !