Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday's Field Trip

We had a wonderful time, my husband ended up being off of work and got to go with us and that made the trip extra special to all of us.

I love this picture of Meadow. We ate lunch at IHOP before going to the museum.

Daddy and Sky

Meadow and Mommy

Sky and Meadow playing a huge Xylophone

A Trolley, I really wanted to ride!

This was a weather station, so Sky and I tried our hands at being weather women...I don't think we are cut out for the job!

Mommy and Sky being silly.

Sky reporting a tornado!

Not sure what this is called but it was pretty.

This was in the History part of the museum. We've been reading a lot about families that had to weave for a living with the loom in the middle of their home. It was neat to see how large they really are.

A copper pot used to make apple butter.

Tee pee and an Indian

Inside of a cabin replica.


I tried to get a close up so you could see the details.

Monkey Toes Meadow!

These next few pictures were taken inside the Mega Dome Theatre while we were watching the movie. Very neat and interesting shots.

This was a picture taken from the top floor looking down.

And that's all. I could have posted so many more but it felt like I loaded pictures forever. We had a great time and really enjoyed being together as a family. It's a wonderful part of homeschooling. I'm so thankful for the opportunity. God is so good to us.


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looks like so much fun, you have some really great photos there!