Thursday, September 10, 2009

States and Presidents

I cannot believe how long our history days have been.

I have to's my fault. I can't help it.

I start our lessons, I read the required entries and I'm full of questions for the girls. We discuss and I explain and then....I remember, "Oh, yes! I have books on this. I have the 'State-by-State Atlas, Don't Know Much About 50 States, The Declaration of Independence-The Words that made America, We The Kids-The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, Words That Build a Nation-In Congress, The Congress-America's Law Makers, The President-America's Leader, The Judiciary-Laws that We Live By'......and I could go on...and on....and on.

I can't stop.

I believe I have a problem.

Hee hee, no but honestly I am going to have to limit our days. I find it funny that I use a bit of the Charlotte Mason approach with Meadow and limit subjects to 10 minutes and she is through with her work for the day except for history and crafts. Before you know it, the time has slipped up and oh dear, my husband is home.

It has taken us last week and this week to get through week 21 of My Father's World Exploration-1850's. It'll probably take the beginning part of next week too.


I'm not going to speed up though, I'll shorten our days but take the time we need to learn the material. I missed American History my first go round in school and I'm loving learning about them this go round in our homeschool. We have all year to finish this year of My Father's World and next year will change.

Sky will be officially entering highschool (in our homeschool) and she'll be working on her own. Meadow and I are going to begin in My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures for 4th grade and we will work our way back through the five year cycle.

So this year, I can take my time!

Sky is scheduled to have her tonsils removed on the 23rd so that'll hang us up a bit too. It'll give me plenty of time to read aloud though. The joys of homeschooling!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that your studies are going so well. We have not started history or geography yet. I'm waiting on that curriculum to get here.

I missed out on the joy of history growing up. I'm like you, I get excited over learning the stuff now.

We've been doing our Bible reading, a daily devotion and a new hymn study each day. Today we went on and listened to each of the last three hymns. From now on we will listen on the day we study it. The girls are really enjoy this trio of study.

Then we go on to LA - we are doing a study using The Bobbsey Twins in the Country to start the year. I used to love this series and now the girls are enjoying the read aloud.

After that we are doing math which we are concentrating first on memorizing the multiplication tables. No moving forward until they master this as it was out stumbling block last year. This year they are motivated. :D

Then one dd is studying Spanish and the other French. Very beginning stages but it is good.

We have added daily exercise now and that is good. 15 minutes in the morning first thing (which we are upping to 30 tomorrow) and then another set in the afternoon if noting interfers. About 3 times a week we take the dogs for a long walk as well.

I love homeschooling!!!