Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Cavy Cage

Today Tony built our Guinea Pig cage. We learned about C & C cages from Cavy Cages. There are lots of neat ideas there and we plan to add a second level soon. In the beginning we had one of those folding tables and a huge dog cage on top of the table with card board used for walls for the cavies. You can see it below in the pictures. They had plenty of room but cleaning wasn't so easy and access to them was hard too.

In the picture below you can see Tony putting the cage together on top of a flat panel board. The cage we were building turned out to be bigger than the table and the dog cage that we originally had them in. We put the table away and used the dog cage for a table. Tony zip tied the cavy cage to the panel board and then zip tied the panel board to the dog cage to ensure the cavy cage wouldn't be accidentally slid off.

I love his smiling face, it meant so much to me that he built this cage for us.

This is the cage with the coroplast style flooring in it, you can see the guinea pigs in the dog cage below.

I then lined the coroplast with newspaper. I had my friend sew a piece of felt onto a thick towel the size of the cage and then lined the newspaper with it. I've read that the pee will wick through the felt and the towel will absorb it leaving the fleece dry for the cavies. I have two so that we have a fresh one when the other goes in the wash. I'm praying this saves me a lot of money as the bedding I was using was around $18.99 a bag and we used a bag every 6-8 weeks.

Here is the home completely set up.

They are hiding in their house. So shy they can be!

I just purchased this tunnel yesterday and they LOVE it! Penny is sneaking some fresh veggies.

Here Penny is again. Sophie didn't come out until the camera was put away today! I really love the new cage, it is bright and cheery. I found the purple cubes online at Walmart. It allows the cavies to be a bigger part of our lives. They are less hidden and we are able to see them and enjoy them even more!

(I do not leave these curtains up and windows open all the time. The curtains are very heavy and keep the heat or cold air out including the bright sunlight. I just thought I'd add that so that no one would think I was keeping the cavies in a harsh environment.)


Caleb said...

WOW!!! That must have took forever to built! good work Tony!! I've couldn't have done it! :) :)

Morgan said...

How are things going with your guinea pigs now? Did the fleece work out to save money?