Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Cavies

This is Sophie, she is eating her fresh veggies during her floor time. She is so shy that she hid inside of her log and peeped out to grab bites. They are so fun to watch.

This is Penny trying to push her way into the hidey log.

Sophie again.

This is Penny, she is Meadows. Penny is really growing to be a fat little booger!

Meadow is playing with Penny.

This is a good close up of Penny nibbling on a carrot.

We have learned a lot about Guinea Pigs and taking care of them. We've provided them with ample living quarters and feed them fresh veggies daily. They are a great addition to our family!

Editing to show how they've grown. These are pictures we took when we first got them in April.

Me and Sophie

Me and Sophie

Meadow and Penny



This is Penny. (Meadow's)

This was their home.

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