Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling it Out

The first weeks of school are always feel out weeks for us. So far everything is working well. I ventured a little from my past posts on our *planned* 09-10 school year but not far.

I did decide to move Sky over into Saxon math instead of Teaching Textbooks. I have to say I'm really leery of this decision but I don't feel that she was getting enough explanation with TT. I'm not blaming the program, I know many who use it with great success but Sky just...needed more. I purchased the Saxon Teaching cd's for this very reason. I'm hoping they'll offer exactly what she is needing and that she'll experience a little more retention. I've heard great reviews about these and I'm praying that they will make a difference.

I don't like the new paper back books. Ick. I much prefer the old hardbook style. Bob Jones has gone to paper back too. They claim it saves on cost but how could it when you are cutting the life of the book down so drastically?

We are moving a long with My Father's World, this week is week 20 and Meadow and I are reading Mary Jones and Her Bible.

I still don't have Spelling Power up and running but hopefully by next week I'll be on track.

Just a short update before heading to bed. I must add that Sky is doing phenomenal compared to the struggles I had before last year. I'm so very grateful to the Lord for doing such a great work in her.

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