Friday, January 9, 2009

Making Butter

I poured a pint of whipping cream into a 1/2 gallon mason jar and had Meadow and her friend from church Calli shake it until the butter began to form. Tony and I did take turns with them to help them in the process but still they worked hard! Their eyes just lit up when they started to see the butter.


Sweet Callie again.

Meadow really putting muscle in it!
Meadow and Calli shaking the cream together! They had such a good time!

Pouring the butter and buttermilk into a colander.

There it is BUTTER!

The girls actually drank the buttermilk. I couldn't stomach it. I've never been a fan of buttermilk! My daddy always crumbles cornbread up in a glass and pours cold buttermilk over it and eats it with a spoon. I just never took to it.

We talked about how cows were milked in the colonial and pioneer days and how the cream would rise to the top. Then they would take the cream and make butter from it. Things sure have changed as the milk we drink is homogenized and all the cream is mixed fine enough to leave it in the milk.

We took a field trip to a diary farm about 5 years ago. I think its time to try and schedule another one for Meadow. We will definitely be waiting for spring time and warmer weather!


Alicia said...

How fun!!! The girls were probably very proud of all there hard work!

mommaof4 said...

Looks like they really enjoyed it! I'm planning on doing that with the kids in a couple of weeks. I thought we'd make some biscuits to go with it too. So they could taste their creation when they're done.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It took me a second to figure out who you were. I knew I recognized the name and then it dawned on me.

Have a blessed day!