Monday, January 19, 2009

It Was Trying to Snow

It makes me feel so bad for the girls. We haven't had snow in so long and we all just long and pray for the Lord to open up the Heavens and rain SNOW down on us!!! Today it flurried for about 10 minutes. Meadow and her friend Mowpheth (pronounced Mafaith) ran outside to try and play a few minutes.

Meadow running trying to catch snow in her mouth!
Silly girls!

This is the only picture that you can really see the snow in.

Both girls had company last night so school was a bit slow going but we managed to finish our day. They are calling for a 70% chance of snow tonight so we are really praying hard that we get it. We have to get our school done by Thursday this week because we have doctor's appointments on Friday and Monday next week. Sky is having some oral surgery done on Tuesday so that will be three days that we'll be off schedule. I'm hoping to catch us up if Sky recuperates well.

Just for the record, if it snows tonight the girls will be playing in it tomorrow!

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Alicia said...

Its snowed here like crazy in northern Il this year. Maybe I can ship some snow out to you!

God bless I hope it snows for you soon :)