Friday, December 5, 2008

Moving along

Schooling well but not covering as much as I would like. The holidays threw me for a loop. We spent the time with my father and mother in law, helping to cook, clean and other chores they needed help with. It was an enjoyable but tiring experience.

It's so hard to keep schedule and get things done through the holidays. So many things pop up unexpectedly. But we finished this week all but a little reading in history which I do hope to get done before Monday so we can catch up on things.

We just finished the book Almost Home from the Daughters of the Faith Series, A Story Based on the Life of the Mayflower's Mary Chilton. It was awesome and really enhanced our depth of understanding for what the Pilgrims went through. It gives you such a great appreciation for what others went through to build America. Our freedoms didn't come free and they paid a high price.

The other subjects were finished in a timely manner and the girls are doing pretty well working on their own. Our Apologia science continues to move along very very slowly. Dd has just finished the 3rd module. TT is moving along great and continues to be a success. I cannot express how grateful I am for this program and cannot wait to be able to start Meadow in it. We made horn books this week, learned more about Frans Shubert. The girls aren't developing much of a taste for classical music but are recognizing some of the musics from Disney films, which is a plus.

Scripture memorization is coming along well. They have James 1:1-11 down. No new scriptures this week just practice.

We will add a new hymn next week. Probably a Christmas Carol.

We didn't make the skate with our homeschool group or the Christmas play at the Homestead. I was just too pooped to do the running and wanted to finish our school. Schedules were messed up this week as we were up late many night and therefore slept late too. One night I had to drive to my best friends house to pick up her 4 littles so that she could go and visit her grandmother in the hospital. It was late and unexpected and we didn't get tucked into bed until almost 2 am.

We finished up week 5 of MFW today. I had a migraine so much of the read alouds had to be done by the girls.

Tonight we watched the new American Girl Movie "Kit Kittredge". It was very moving and touched my little Meadow and gave her a new appreciation for money and material things. It was just what she needed. I'll have to make sure this is added to our library.

Hopefully the make over will be finished soon. I'm excited to have a new look here. :)

I pray that your Thanksgiving was blessed.

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Alicia said...

I love the design of your new blog. I will be dropping by often to check things out. It sounds like you have been covering a lot! Keep up the good work. Praise the Lord for the scripture memorization.

alicia <><