Friday, November 7, 2008

Homeschooling Week 3 Ending

This week went pretty well. Our work load lowered some from the first two weeks and I have to admit I was very grateful. I kept up but the pace was pretty stout. I had read it would slow after week 2 and week 3 definitely let up. We were able to take Wednesday and go skating with the homeschool group. We all had a really good time.

Our hymns thus far are My Father's World, O For a Thousand Tongues (I added it in early), and My Country Tis of Thee or America as it is also called. We will be adding The Lord is My Sheppard on week 5.

The girls are memorizing James 1:1-8 and I'll test them on Monday. So far they can recite through 5 without stumbling!

We are studying the Indians, England, Spain, Pioneers, the New World and such. The girls actually made wigwams and they turned out really nice. We are reading from several books, including Story of the World 3 (I just ordered the cds so it will cut down some on my read aloud load), Exploring American History, In God We Trust, & Building a City on a Hill.

I didn't think I would enjoy reading pieces of several books but the way MFW ties them all together its like reinforcements and it really sinks in. Plus these aren't boring history facts. I love having them put in somewhat of a story form. I'm learning so much!!! I am also reading Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims and from American Pioneers and Patriots. The girls keep begging for more Squanto and I really like American Pioneers and Patriots. The last book we are adding in is from the Daughters of the Faith series and its called, Almost Home a story about Mary Chilton. Today my voice gave a little from reading so much out loud but I didn't want to stop!

We don't have as much reading everyday, but we do read a lot. That is one of my favorite things, reading aloud, I usually just don't make enough time for it, so I really love how My Father's World has this included in our school day. The three of us pile up on the couch together while I read. Then the girls do an art picture of the person we have studied. I am so impressed with the pictures they are creating. We usually have music once or twice a week while doing art, and this too is another favorite of mine. Not so much with the girls but they are learning a lot about Franz Shubert.

Sky (7th grade) then works on her own completing TT math, IEW, Phonetic Zoo Spelling, and Apologia Science. Of course I'm nearby as she works here in the living room with me. (We schedule all projects and labs with dh in the evening and I make sure to read her science to her after she has read it that day as reinforcement too).

While Sky is working I do Meadow's SSRW or PLL, Spelling and Science and then we are through for the day. I try to encourage Meadow to look through her book basket during breaks but she doesn't show much interest after all of the other school we've done.

I grade Meadow each day and grade Sky at the end of the week, then I read through my lesson plans for the upcoming week and make necessary copies among other preparations and I'm done!

I've never ever schooled this way before. Not ever. I've always been so laid back. Its hard work but I have to admit I'm taking more pride in teaching the girls and we are accomplishing so much more. Our days aren't forced or overloaded, just very full and satisfying.

We finished the entire 3rd week. I feel accomplished.

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