Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Blog!!

I didn't think I would ever seperate our homeschool from my personal blog Jenileigh's Journey but lately it seems to have taken off in a different direction, our homeschool that is. Our name, Kingdom Academy, our purpose and our vision seem to be standing up and taking off. I didn't want the blog to be focused on me, Jenileigh, but on Kingdom Academy, the homeschool that God has birthed in us. Often times I don't feel my audience at Jenileigh's Journey is interested as much in our schooling. I think that this will be a better way to communicate with the homeschooling community and an easier and more focused way to share what Jesus is doing through us in our homeschool. It'll be a little slow to start. I have a vision of how I want this blog to look so help me pray my way through finding someone to create it being able to describe it to the person I find!

Welcome to Kingdom Academy!

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Jenny in Ca said...

nice idea! I came over here, and I was thinking all the names were familiar...