Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stumbling Along

We are trying to school but its been a rough start this year. After the other fiasco, a terrible virus entered our life. One of Meadow's little friends spent the night and cheerfully announced that she had had the vomits.


4 days later Meadow had the vomits.

3 days later I had the vomits.

3 days later Sky had the vomits.

4 days after that, yep, you guessed it, Tony had the vomits.

Then another virus doubled back. It was terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea and it lasted several days. A very rough two weeks.

So right now we are working on the basics. We haven't been able to move onto my hopes of finishing the next year of My Father's World-1850's to Modern. I'm taking it one step at a time.

The college thing didn't pan out. I tried everything I could. I went to take the Compass Test and the class filled up. I was so upset, I got up early and went over there only to find out that it was a first come, first serve test and it was FULL. They turned away several before me, and several after me. I persisted only to discover that my financial aid was messed up, which broke my heart. They were going to make an exception and allow me to test had my financial aid been worked out, but by the time they figured out the problem and I had tested I would have been at least a week behind. All of that, on top of all that we've already been through this January would have probably been more than I could handle.

I do want to go back to college though. I'm truly praying that I can in the fall.

So, I'll update more when we are more on track!

Right now, we are just hanging on....

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