Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving is Over

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. How was yours? Ours was two whole days! One with my inlaws and one with my family. We also did a bit of black friday shopping. What fun!

Judy was a gem and helped me with the blog. I had no clue all of my images here were in my photobucket account! I had completely forgotten opening the account a year ago. And...since I had forgotten about it, I had not signed into it and that is what had happened here. Now everything is up and running.

We took last week off and will most likely take next week off also. We are expecting carpet installation on Monday and right now my home is upside down. Until I can set up my living room I can't reorganize our classroom, much less get to books to finish up school. After we get the house clean and everything put in it's place next week we plan to school two weeks in December and then take another two weeks off.

How are you guys doing? Schooling along, breaking for the holidays?

I can't wait for Christmas! We will be decorating next week after getting the carpet put in and furniture moved! Savannah also has a birthday coming up December 9th so that Friday we are having a sleep over. She will be 14! Growing up much too fast.

I'll check back in as we get back on track.

Happy Schooling!

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