Friday, November 6, 2009

MFW Update Weeks 28

I had to force the week to get everything completed. I've been running to the doctor with my older daughter a lot so we didn't get to have our typical school days. One of the glorious benefits of homeschooling is that just because you don't get to school in the day you always have the evenings. Since I've created schedules for Sky she is able to do her work each day regardless if I'm there to tell her what to do or not and this has made for a more productive school year for her as well. We are finishing up week 28 today and will be moving into week 29 next week. I'm hoping to slow down a little next week so we can hop back to those double weeks. I'd love to finish this history by Christmas!

We are studying the history of the hymn Amazing Grace. I've found some fabulous things online. I also plan to rent the move Amazing Grace so the girls get a more vivid picture of John Newton's life. I love this hymn. Learning about how and when it was written touched me all the more and reminds me of what a wretched sinner I am. I'm so thankful for the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed weekend!


Pam McL said...

My dear Jen,
I don't know what font you used, but it came up as Webdings when I copied and pasted it into Word so I could change it to a readable one. You might want to check that, Sweetie.
I love Amazing Grace. I never thought about doing a study about it with the kids. Great idea! Care to share what you've found?

Jenileigh said...

I have NO clue how that happened. I thought I'd been hacked! So sorry Pam. Fixed now and yes I'll share some of sources later. I don't have the time now. LOL I can't believe that happened. How weird!