Friday, July 24, 2009


We've been sunning at the pool, working in the church and spending time together as a family. We have schooled through much of the summer until the last three weeks. Sky had summer camp one week, Tony is preaching Sunday night and we are working on a drama which is a big step for me because I am not one to get up in front on people, and we are getting ready to go on a missions trip with our church. I'm going to make more effort in getting Sky to finish up her last lessons of Math and Spelling and get scheduling for the start of our new school year, which will begin when we return from the missions trip in August.

My printer is broken and I MUST replace it before school starts too, I simply cannot function without it. That pretty much sums up our homeschooling at the present. Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying their summer break.

Sky, Meadow and friend-Amy

Meadow swimming under water

Coming up

Made it!

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momtofivekids said...

What fun! I wish my kids could swim more.