Friday, May 8, 2009

Read Alouds

I love reading aloud.

I love it.

Somehow I have this impression inside of me of the perfect family. In it I see the family gathered around, the kiddos quietly painting-getting along, the dogs laying at your feet sleeping, the feeling cozy and warm, and the mom reading a good book to them, feeling accomplished knowing that all is well and she is doing exactly what she should be.

I experience it every now and then.

Tonight that impression came true again.

I can't explain how swelled my heart was with thanksgiving to the Lord for this huge blessing.

The book we are reading is The Hallelujah Lass by Wendy Lawton, as shared in the previous post its the fifth book in the Daughters of Faith Series. Reading about the poorness in their city and how the young children had to work in the mills makes my heart cry. I didn't know that there was bold women who stood up to preach Jesus Christ in a time when it was looked down upon for women to preach, I know this is still present today but it amazed me of their determination in the 1800's. Reading about how they boldly proclaimed the gospel in the face of adversity, facing the dangers of being beaten in public to share their own testimonies. Not keeping church in a building but taking the good news into the street to the lost and desolate giving hope to the hopeless. These bold women were called the Hallelujah Lasses or the Hallelujahs. I love discovering these gems in history and I can't wait to read more this weekend. I'm excited to see how the young teen girls stand up for Christ and to see how mightily our God uses them to save souls and change the world.

I pray that the Lord ignite a fire in my girls, a desire to DO something big for Him.

I'll be sure to share!

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