Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Time No Update!

Sorry!! I've just been so incredibly busy. We were forced by life to take a few weeks off and are just now getting back on track. The girls have been doing the basics but the rest was put on hold. This week we are picking back up. I'm happy if they finish Math and English but ecstatic at the thoughts of picking up our history with My Father's World again. I'm not sweating it. We've had some glorious family time and gotten a lot of house work done. It's going to be a little harder to post by the week though. While we are still in week 13 of MFW the girls have moved beyond that in their other work. I'll stick to the MFW schedule and move them up grades according to their math, and move into the next year's MFW when we complete this years. I was truly hoping to take the summer off but I think if we can get 2-3 days a week in through the summer it'll be a good thing. We are planning to join the pool this year and if we stay on a good schedule we can finish school in the mornings!

I love how learning doesn't stop when you aren't in the books. The girls find the neatest ways to do things. Meadow and Sky spent yesterday logging all of Meadow's pet shops. There were 72 to be exact. I was quite impressed with the list and the counting that Meadow done. Both girls have also taken it upon themselves to move their rooms around and clean. I'm so pleased with them.

I'll try to do better with my updates. :) Till next time!

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momtofivekids said...

Great to hear from you! You are right, the learning doesn't stop just because you take a break from the schedluled curriculum.